• The Evolution (EVO)

    The Evolution (EVO)

    Joe's Evolution is the latest culmination of many many refinements and improvements by Joe and many of the talented builders in our forum resulting in our most robust, accurate, Inexpensive and Easy to build machine yet! Read More
  • The 4x4 Hybrid

    The 4x4 Hybrid

    Joe had a desire to design something that had the rigid nature of a machine requiring skills of a metalworker and the ease so that an everyday person with enough aspiration could build it. Read More
  • The Titan Desktop

    The Titan Desktop

    The Titan is a all metal high precision desktop cnc router and can also be used as a mill and for engraving and kits are being developed as now. Test builders have reported incredible accuracy. Read More
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Ten years ago Joe began his quest to design and expand a machine on the single fundamental principal of “DIY.”

Taking what was once a complex machine with intricate mechanical parts and breaking it down into simple sections. In breaking it down substitutions were made so the average every day “Joe” could build their very own CNC Router. Starting from the original design of the JGRO the Joe’s CNC community has grown with several thousand people involved in building both the Joe’s 06’ ,the Hybrid 4x4 , Evolution and The New Titan HD Desktop cnc routers.

Originally this website was home to just a forum and nothing more.

With demand and request we took the opportunity to share the machines more and create a website that gave you not only a place to chat but background, history and information on how to build your own.

Hopefully in due time this website will grow as much as the forum has in recent years.

For more information about the history and evolution of these machines, read more here. Also a great thanks to the members of CNCZone.com, the Vectric & Artsoft Teams because without your help and dedication none of this would be possible.

The Evolution CNC

The Evolution CNC

This machine is the the result of years of refinement and is a truly industrial design. For those of you that need a heavy duty machine for your business you have found it in the evolution series Read More
The Titan Desktop  (coming soon)

The Titan Desktop (coming soon)

Our newest all aluminum desktop. This machine is built out of 3/4 6061 t6 and 80/20 aluminum. Bolt together and easy to build. Read More
4x4 Hybrid CNC

4x4 Hybrid CNC

The 4x4 Hybrid CNC has been built by many and lots more under construction now Read More
Get Access To all the Designs and mods

Get Access To all the Designs and mods

When You subscribe to our builders forum you will get access and all mods and upgrades for any existing machine as well as any new models that are developed while you're subscription to our forum is active. Read More
Hybrid 4x4 Kits

Hybrid 4x4 Kits

Parts are still being sold for the hybrid and they are still being built. A great machine for the hobbyist still. The R&P kit is recommended though lead screws work fine but have limitations.. Read More
Evolution Kit

Evolution Kit

Get the Evolution Kit Joe's 3/4 inch aluminum Plates with custom bearing adjusters. These are industrial strength. Read More
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What Our Builders Say

  • I built both the Hybrid and Evolution designs

    I built both the Hybrid and Evolution designs. Both machines worked great and served me well. The plans alone were worth far more than the price, but the greatest benefit I received for the investment was my membership in Joe's forums. The forums are the best source information that I know of for the CNC enthusiast, and it is the friendly and respectful nature of this community of like minded people that makes it the one and only place where I share my experience as a professional design engineer.
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