Joe's forum is a private members only.  For years we have sold the plans and upon purchase you would gain access to the resources in the builder's forum as well. As it has turned out that there are so many mods and upgrades and different ways to build your machine for your needs that you don't actually need (the plans) just access to the build threads to determine what kind of machine to build.


There are some great free forums like our good freinds at cnczone that cover a huge variety of information many types machines. If you are not a member of cnc zone we would encourage you to join as well. The plans and the build threads for our original joes 2006 machine are on cnc zone here


Our Members forum is focused mainly on our machines. Of course there are other topics and builds and modifications of other types of cnc machines, hobbies, RC airplanes, projects ect.  


With over 115279 Posts and 6300 topics and hundreds of build threads for both the Hybrid and Evolution and Joe's original 2006 as well with many mods and answers to most any type of question about our machines. 


Forum members have access to files and designs and details to build any of our machines. There is no need for an actual set of plans anymore. Cut files for the hybrid and evolution machines are available to download for those that want to make their own carriages. Many members have done some very nice modifications to our original designs and have documented them in their build logs.