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The Original Joe's 06'

Joe06 Router

    Starting in early 2006, the first Joe’s CNC Router was born. The machine is constructed primarily of HDPE (high density polyethylene), MDF (medium density fiberboard) and a mixture of aluminum and steel parts. But don’t let the MDF fool you, it is a very strong, durable and well designed cnc router due to the blend of materials and the way it is designed.

Torsion Box Torsionbox gantry

    The bed maintains itself as a perfectly flat level surface due to its torsion box design. Half lap joints/intersections make it a great surface to cut your parts and clamp your work piece to. It is driven with acme threaded rods and the liner bearings/guides are constructed of aluminum angle, skate bearings which ride on a hard and affordable steel gas pipe. Most of the parts in between the MDF and linear motion are constructed with HDPE which is also a very durable material resistant to wear and the high heat from the stepper motors.

Bearings bearings hdpe

    After revision 1&2 many changes were made to the core of the machine. Thanks to the products of DumpsterCNC.com we decided it was best to rid the machine of its cheaper style ACME leadnut and upgrade to a Derhlin anti-backlash assembly in it’s place. This offered a more stable leadnut; allowing for higher rate of speed and acceleration. With this we also upgraded the leadscrews which allowed for higher rate of rapids and cutting speeds. In addition springs were added with DumpsterCNC thread clamps to put more tension on the long acme leadscrews keeping tension so there was no backlash and little whip.

The Bottom Line:

The cutting area of the machine is roughly X: 48”  Y: 24”  Z: 4.5”

The average speed with the suggested motors and controller is between 100-150 IPM depending on your setup.

Perfect for milling soft/hard woods and plastics: signs, parts, 3d relief and v-carving, small nests of parts etc.

Great for the small shop with a machine that has a nice sized cutting area similar to it’s footprint.

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